Since ancient times, puppets have been a powerful tool for storytelling and sharing each other cultures. Their versatility and diversity make them the ideal medium to convey complex ideas and feelings in a way that can be understood by everyone, regardless of age, background and education.

In Italy, puppetry is normally associated only with children’s theatre whereas, internationally, it is also enjoyed and often targeted at an adult audience. The passion that our team has for this art form and its ability to reach everyone, drove us to create a Festival for the entire (local and international)community for both children and adults, with artists, shows and puppets from across all over the world: this is how MAPU was born!

MAPU support artists to share stories touching real, important issues that affect both the local and international communities and to tell them in a creative and stimulating way for everyone to enjoy and reflect upon them.

We also want to give people the opportunity to explore and experience the beautiful town of Piazzola sul Brenta, full of history, art and nature.