MAPU festival is a team effort, where all the parties involved share the same committment and the same enthusiasm for the festival and the topic.

Supported by several sponsors, MAPU Festival was born last year by the idea of the creative director Sala Celeghin, who was followed by Jonathan Cooperativa Sociale and Movimentamente. Jonathan Cooperativa Sociale is a non-profit organisation born in 2009 and since then has always had a strong vocation in promoting self−empowerment and self−development; giving an important role to active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. Movimentamente art is a cultural, non-profit organization founded in 2004. Its purpose is to encourage participation within the local community through the promotion of cultural and social events of different kinds, including: concerts, theatrical performances, film festivals, literary events, conferences, photo competitions and fine art workshops.

For this second year, the teams are joined by ten youngster 18-30 who were selected among the initiative GPS – Giovani protagonisti in scena. During the festival, instead, several volunteers will take part of the organisational side of the festival.